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Is It Bad For You?! The Fitness Industry

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Welcome back to Chat Sh*t Get Fit - Is It Bad For You? In this extended finale we explore whether or not the ENTIRE Fitness Industry is bad for you. Spoiler alert - it's a flipping mess! We asked you guys what you hate most about the fitness industry and then proceeded to rant about them for 90 minutes! (Mainly Tom lol.) A good mixture of funny and serious ones so should be a great listen! 

While we do insert humour throughout the reality is is that the fitness industry is in a right state at the moment and there needs to be some action taken to put it back on track. We are dealing with peoples health at the end of the day and this should not be partaken lightly. For starters the complete lack of regulation and appallingly dated education that PTs receive. Other things we discuss are, getting 'photoshoot ready', 'detailed meal plans', 'social media pressure' and many more. We give our constructive thoughts on them all and wow...The more we go on the worse we realise things are!

Thanks for tuning in for this series. As always though, if you have any more ideas for this series no reason we can't revisit it if the idea is good enough! So send them in! 


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Study Mentioned

The Current State of Personal Training: an Industry Perspective of Personal Trainers in a Small Southeast Community

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