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Welcome back to Let's Chat, Diets! This week we tackle the Mediterranean diet in what is a very positive episode which is pretty unusual for this series! We are joined by a very special guest in one of our cousins across the pond. Jaebien AKA Mr Cogfit on Instagram joins us from stateside to give us his thoughts and expert knowledge on the topic. He causes quite the storm on social media so he fits right into our setup!


As with all our diets episode, we break down various claims made by diets and see if there is any benefit to going on this diet & vice versa. Claims include 

  • Weight loss

  • Heart health

  • Cancer

  • Alzheimer's/dementia

  • Type 2 diabetes

  • Sporting performance

  • Socioeconomic factors 

This diet was a breath of fresh air compared to recent weeks and we struggled to find much negative with it. We also came equipped with some solid data to back up our points (especially Jaebien!) These can found down below! Spoiler alert there is a lot of studies! No blagging on this podcast...Unless it's one of Toms conspiracy theories!


We enjoyed this one and I think Jaebien was taken aback with our chilled out attitude but still providing the goods! Afterwards, he got in touch with how it reminded him of good friends chatting in a bar. Perfect.


Studies Mentioned 

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