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Let's Chat, Myths:

Running & Bad Knees + Caffeine dehydrates

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In this first episode of "The Myths," we tackle "Running is bad for your knees" and "Caffeine dehydrates you" Before we recorded this episode I did some Instagram polls asking about running in particular. One of them stood out to me and that was "Do you think too much running can cause knee pain" and we discuss a study in the episode (The Ultra Study) which debunks that claim. Tom was surprised by its findings but that's why studies are done!


Caffeine dehydrates wasn't as juicy as the running one but we quickly debunk the myth and Tom tells us all about his time as a recruit joining the British Army and how a PTI at his training establishment told them all to not drink coffee because it will dehydrate you and smash papa johns pizza before a loaded march. Well, he tried to tell us the story but his bloody cat kept getting involved! Damn you Ralphy! Speaking of the cat......


Special mention to Toms cat, Ralphy. Little shit caused absolute dramas before we even got to recording to let alone what unfolded in the last segment of the episode! It did, however, reveal Tom has been smashing Mcdonalds on the regular so well done for that Ralphy! 

Studies mentioned:

Eric Trexler: Stronger by science, Caffeine

The Ultra Study

5 Experts answer is running bad for knees

Mindy Solkin

NO evidence of dehydration

Running Injury Rates

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