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Let's Chat, Myths:

"Toning" Muscle

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Welcome back to Let's Chat, Myths! In this episode, we explore muscle "toning". We establish early doors that the word toning is very subjective and essentially nonsensical. 


In most cases, we find that the word toning is a marketing word used to attract mainly women. Workouts like "Bums and tums toning session" are most definitely aimed at some women. Do these workouts do what they say? Do they "tone"? It depends. We go into all of that on the episode and also in the follow-up blog post on our website


Although we are not fans of the term toning it's clear that it may work to get people up and moving. To some, it's a happy, safe word that may motivate you to exercise. Example being 2 workouts the same and achieve the same goals. "Get toned abs with this great workout!" Get shredded six-pack abs with this workout!" The language used will sell the workout to a different audience. As you'll hear in the episode even Domyos and the NHS are guilty of using this terminology. The issue comes with a lack of further education. If you are overweight do these "toning workouts" but neglect the work in the kitchen then you will not suddenly see defined muscles. This is where it can become misleading when certain products/programmes promise toning but neglect to give you the full picture of what's required to actually "tone". We explain it all.


In this episode, Bill & Andy also reveal something that they have been working on for quite a while. Train Primal is a fitness community that offers two programs. Primal Assault. Primal Life. In this episode, we thought it fitting to mention Primal Life which is our fitness program for anyone to get involved in. It comes with tried and tested progressive training and some nutrition guidance as well to ensure you get the body you want. If you want to get into a position where you look and feel healthy then we believe being apart of the Train Primal community will aid you in getting there. Find us at or @train_primal on Instagram. 

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