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Let's Chat, Myths:

Warming Up Before Exercise

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Welcome back to Let's Chat, Myths! In this episode, we talk about warming up before exercise. Just want to clarify we are not saying warming up is a myth just that there is some myth around certain types of warmups for certain exercises/movements. However, the discussion takes off and gets slightly heated and we move more towards how a lot of warm-up "rituals" are all personal and it comes down to ensuring your head is in a good place to train.


We mentioned quite a few studies but as you'll tell from Andys passion it doesn't matter what the studies say as if you feel ready and mentally prepared because you've done warmup XYZ "I know I will perform better regardless of what studies say".


A large part of the episode is spent discussing static & dynamic stretching. Key points were that data suggests static stretching could reduce power input in certain movements. We also talked about time efficiency. For example, if you've only got 30 minutes and you're doing squats there is no need to spend 10 minutes doing mobility work when you can simply go into a ramp up set. (Ramp being starting at low/no weight and gradually building up weight lowering reps until you reach working sets. Importantly making the sure volume of said ramp up said is minimal. Once again if you feel like you need to do some stretching to make you feel better then yeah go ahead however what we're saying is it's not crucial.


When we come to things like weightlifting etc we discussed how static/dynamic stretching is extremely beneficial when high mobility is required. A lot of literature points towards the benefits of all stretching in terms of mobility gains. Once again though this is individual as you have those who can happily go into a snatch without any proper mobilisation and just start doing the movement to warm up. 


Another point we touched on was a cardiovascular warm-up before resistance training. Example 800m run before squats. Once again there is no need to do this and if time is a factor we wouldn't recommend it however as Tom says if he's driven to work and feels a bit sluggish he may do some "light" CV to act as a sort of wakeup/shakeout. He will then proceed with his normal ramp up sets. Even better Andy suggests running from the car to the squat rack. 


You've probably noticed a running theme here. It's all very individualised and a lot of literature even summarise with "results will vary on population studies". For the general population do what makes you feel good and what prepares you mentally for the session. If you're a top-level athlete then they'll be some more precise tweaking needed as science does point towards certain things being detrimental to performance but if you're top level you'll most likely have a coach who's all over your warmups.


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Studies Mentioned

Effects of static & dynamic stretching on muscle adaptations

Stretching for exercise and rehabilitation

Effects of warming up on physical performance

Relationship between stretching and athletic injury prevention

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