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Let's Chat, MYTHS:

Season Finale Roundup?

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Welcome back to Let's Chat, Myths. We are here at seasons end and in this episode, we round up with some stragglers we have missed. We may revisit this series in the future but for now, are wrapping things up. We are not alone this week however as we are joined once again by Coach Dean Hammon. It's great to have him back on the show as if you can remember we had him on back in an episode all about Skinny Jab, Juice Plus & Boom Bod!


It's great to have him back again as the knowledge this guy has is unbelievable. Him also being squaddie helps when we come out with some outrageous comments! He also has COVID this time so that made for some interesting initial conversation.

We have a lot of fun in this rather long season finale but also offer some really great insight into some myths. Here are the myths (or not) in this weeks episode. Anything in quotation marks is an Instagram submitted myth!

  • Exercise machines work just as well as free weights

  • Treadmill running vs road running

  • "That birds are real and dinosaurs weren't unionised." If you're a long term listener then you can guess who submitted that one lol...

  • Fat loss targeting/Sit-ups + crunches for "rock hard" abs

  • "Anything nutrition-based, carbs are bad, don't eat after 7 & pineapple can't go on pizza" We ignored everything bar the pizza bit and it caused absolute chaos including Andy actually leaving the podcast!

  • "Lifting will make you look like a man. Quoting mother when I lift heavy"

  • Shouldn't do cardio if you want to get big/strong

  • "Screaming lightweight does not make the weights lighter"

  • You can't work out if you're sick

  • Protein windows. NEED protein 30 minutes post-workout...

  • Artificial sweeteners are the enemy

As you can see we cover quite a lot in this season finale and we truly think this episode is a cracker. 100%, not bias. 


If you've got any questions about anything we've discussed or even any comebacks please get in touch!

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