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Royal Marine to "The Confidence Coach" & Toms Tale of Public Bathroom Romance

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Hi everyone welcome back to Chatting W/ PTs the series where we chat to health professionals from a wide range of backgrounds about a wide range of topics. This week we chat to former Royal Marine Commando Alex Gribben or as he's known online "The Confidence Coach" If you aren't aware the Royal Marines are an elite fighting force that makes up one of the fighting arms of the Royal Navy. It's an incredibly difficult part of the forces to get into but Alex stayed determined despite all the setbacks and ended up earning the coveted green beret. Before we get into Alex's story however we tackle his top 3 gym pet peeves and these were certainly a good laugh. Amid the pet peeve chaos, we also get a tale of public toilet romance from one Mr Tom Reardon. It's just Tom being Tom. It's a great story with plenty of laughs along the way and we here at Chat Sh*t Get Fit are big fans of Alex. If you are a man lacking confidence and feel like you could do with a solid support network/coaching then check out this link to get in touch with Alex. Want to join our fitness community Train Primal? We have 3 different fitness programmes designed for different goals! Primal Life, Primal Fit, Primal Apex. We also have limited spaces to work with us on a 1-1 basis where we provide bespoke coaching to ensure your goals are expertly met. All details for this can be found here. Want to support the Podcast? We have a discount code (PRIMAL10) for a fantastic coffee brand. Cannonball Coffee. Great tasting and super powerful which WILL give you a boost in the gym. We spoke to Cannonball Coffee on a previous podcast and you can listen to that here to see why we are such fans. So if you want to support us in some small way and get some great coffee head to and use code PRIMAL10 for 10% off any order. New to the show? Head back to episode 1 "Let's Chat, Covid & Fitness" where we give an introduction into who we are and talk about the current state of ourselves and the fitness industry during this covid pandemic Find us on Instagram @bill_trainprimal @coachtomreardon Website: Email:

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