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Skinny Jab, Juice Plus & Boombod. AVOID!

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Bottom line is these products are trash. On our podcast, we broke these products and their claims to pieces. The idea of this post is to essentially summarise and give you some studies to read to further educate.

Skinny Jab. The crucial ingredient in this product is liraglutide. It's essentially an appetite suppressant and was originally for use for those with type 2 diabetes and the morbidly obese. (Basically, those who need an urgent intervention) Skinny jab with the help of it's "Z list" celebrities has marketed this to the masses for weight loss. The use of celebrities with such susceptible audiences is what really annoys me. What these celebs don't tell you is that it costs 100s of pounds and comes with a hefty list of VERY COMMON side effects.

NICE lists the following very common side-effects:

  • burping

  • constipation

  • diarrhoea

  • dry mouth

  • gallbladder disorders

  • bellyache

  • headache

  • increased risk of infection

  • insomnia

  • feeling sick

  • skin reactions

  • altered taste

  • toothache

  • vomiting

Yeah, mega that. Look, as we alluded to if you need help before you start sticking yourself with this product get in touch with us! We also had Coach Dean Hammond on board for that particular podcast episode and he couldn't say enough how he'd rather you contact him instead of using this. Down below is the post that pushed us to get him involved in the episode. Check out his page and learn the REAL secrets to a healthier life.

Juice Plus. A product that is known for some irritating multi-level marketing. We all know that person that we haven't heard from in ages that suddenly shows an interest in your life. "Saw you took the dog for a walk the other day, any way I see that you are (buzzword time) a hard-working driven absolute doer of a person. Wanna sell some juice?" Normally this comes from someone with zero knowledge of the health and fitness sector. As part of the research for the episode, Tom found this great article on the multi-level marketing aspect but the most surprising part was OJ Simpson's involvement. Yes THAT OJ Simpson. In summary, he basically told 4000 Juice Plus distributors that Juice Plus has cured his arthritis yet at the same time when defending himself in court for allegedly murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman his defence claimed he was too riddled with arthritis. Oh dear OJ. See below for details!

It doesn't stop there though. Tell you what this Juice Plus lot are a right mess. We also came across a study from Consumer Labs and they test a wide range of products to see if they contain what the claim etc. Unfortunately, the actual information is behind a paywall so It's pointless linking it in this post but essentially what we found was is that they did a test and found that a certain Juice Plus product had way less of a certain nutrient in it (which was already low to being with) and when revealed it was found that Juice Plus distributors were telling customers it was a dodgy test. Consumer labs answered by saying it was tested TWICE at 2 independent labs. Naughty Juice Plus.

Speaking of studies they also have a study section on their website. Tom was super excited and ready to dive in but on closer inspection, there were no links to actual studies just bias results from third parties with an interest in Juice Plus. He was very disappointed and he lets us know on the podcast!

I also want to add that even if sold as just a way to get all your vitamins and minerals none of their products are any more useful than a multivitamin. Save your money!

BoomBod. Tom and our special guest Coach Dean were both banned before recording the episode so that was a great start for them! This product baffles me. It's 3 10kcal sachets per day and a months supply costs £119.99. Yes, that much. So how does this amazing product help you lose weight? It comes down to an ingredient called glucomannan. This is once again something to aid suppressing the appetite BUT is also a water-soluble dietary fibre that has shown to be effective as a bulk-forming laxative. Right, I kid you not now, look at this on their Instagram Page. We discuss on the podcast how they probably get away this but come one the only clinically proven ingredient in your product to aid weight loss is a bloody laxative!

Bottom line is simple. These "weight loss" products are not sustainable and are simply a money hole. If these products were great we would 100% back them as we are in the industry to help others live healthier, better lives. These just don't cut it. If you want the full story then please go ahead and listen to our full episode down below. Honestly, if you want help and advice get in touch with either ourselves or head over to Coach Dean Hammond.

Next week is all about myths. We launch a new series "Let's Chat, Myths" and first up is "running is bad for your knees" and "caffeine dehydrates". So look out for that episode releasing 29/06/2020 with a blog post to follow!

Final point. Have you or anyone you know ever used these products or something similar? We'd love to hear about it so please get in touch either via email or simply leave a comment on this post and tell us about your experiences and perhaps success you may have had?

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