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We all have certain things that annoy us so we thought this week we'd take a look at the gym specifically and find out what really grinds peoples gears. Most of these are listener submissions and on the face seem quite silly/annoying however as you'll find out some are more complicated than they seem. In this post, we will share the ranking that we gave to them all and I'll give a brief description as to why some of the big ones were places where they were. I Implore you, however, to listen to the episode down below as we go into detail on all of them and it's certainly more entertaining!

So, we broke down all the peeves into 3 tiers. Tier 1 being the worst offenders and Tier 3 is not really being an issue in our eyes. In the podcast episode, we have a more creative tier system but yeah I'll leave it there! Let's get into it!


  • Pesty/creepy men

  • Wearing high waisted bottoms (Andy was going hard at it and then Tom said he does it. Brilliant.)

  • Clips on the smith machine

  • Cleaning kit (Present-day COVID)

  • Not putting kit/weights away

  • Loud screaming/grunting

  • Tom Reardon (Yes our Tom Reardon. Cheers Mikey for the submission

I mean high waisted bottoms are not horrendous it's just because Tom said he does it we smashed it straight into tier 1 which in our more creative tier system is not a nice place to be in! Don't think the rest need much explaining!


  • Wrong use of lifting belts

  • Senior/older persons "Back in my day I would have done XYX. Back in my day, I looked like that etc etc.)

  • Cleaning kit (pre-COVID)

  • Vest tops with nipples out

  • Poorly trained PTs/ Rubbish PTs in general

  • All the gear no idea

  • Hats in gym

  • Holding onto treadmill sides while running

  • Red belts grey sweaters. (British Army PTI dress code which is what Bill & Andy are. Bill wanted it in a separate God tier)

Something that may stand out to you here is cleaning kit (pre-COVID). We totally agreed that if you've been sweating all over kit then yeah wipe it up however it really does depend. This is pre-COVID mind as now it's absolutely crucial that you clean everything after touching it. Yeah, it depends. Example being if you've just done a light walk on a treadmill or done some barbell squats is there really any need for you to scrub those pieces of kit? Probably not.


  • Gloves on CV equipment

  • Gloves while lifting

  • Women in "provocative clothing"

  • Mirror posing

  • Squatting in "wrong" footwear

  • Wearing makeup to the gym

  • Driving to the gym to walk on a treadmill

  • 1/4 squatting

These are examples of ones that people look at and go OH NO that's awful. However, in the episode we spoke in length about these and why we put them there. Squatting in the "wrong" footwear was an interesting one. If you're a hardcore gym goer it must be alien to see someone wearing running trainers to squat. The issue lies with something we are quite vocal on. Nocebo (A detrimental effect on health produced by psychological or psychosomatic factors such as negative expectations of treatment or prognosis.) Someone may not be as heavy a gym-goer as yourself and financially they can only get a £30 pair of running trainers to fit all their fitness needs. There's not actually anything really wrong with it, to be honest, but of course, you'll gain some benefit if you were to wear lifters going heavy squats/Olympic lifts. By that stage, I'd assume they'd have the right geat. Back to nocebo. By saying to someone "your squatting in the wrong shoes" you are actually creating a barrier to someone in taking up a healthy habit in the form of squats.

In the same vein, 1/4 squatting. We didn't go into too much depth and we directed listeners to the podcast episode in which we discuss this at length. Obviously, if you've got some absolute weapon saying he can squat a million kg and then proceeds to 1/4 squat you're going to be quite annoyed but once again there are different factors and if you tell someone that unless their "ass to grass" they aren't squatting probably it will once again create that nocebo effect.

Final point. If you want to hear our thoughts on all of these pet peeves then have a listen to the podcast. It's certainly entertaining. (bias of course) We really enjoyed exploring these this week and if we get good enough feedback then we'll do a part 2. If you've got any more pet peeves/bugbears then leave a comment on this post or get in touch and we will get them ready for a potential part 2. Back next week with more health and fitness related information for you to get stuck into. Speak soon.

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