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’Cakes, Weights & TikTok’ W/ Fitfluencer Spencer Cave

Welcome back to Chat Sh*t Get Fit! This week we are joined by 'TikTok Wizard' Spencer Cave. He's our youngest ever guest at 19 years old & he's been on quite the transformation journey. Growing up he was deeply unhappy with his appearance/size. He was bullied and this in turn effected his mental health. He decided to take action and unfortunately in his desperation to see change he made some decisions that were less than ideal. He now shares his story and training on TikTok hoping to inspire others in his peer group and beyond to start their own health and fitness journey.

The episode also turns into a bit of an exclusive Q&A for Spencer as throughout he throws the odd gym related question at us! Does weight training stunt growth? Do you need to change gym routine every 6-8 weeks? Is my pre-workout good? Reference pre-workout - this goes on for far too long as Bill decides to analyse every detail of Spencers pre-workout!

We really enjoyed this one and it was interesting to speak to someone of a different generation and see how they approach things and why. If you want to check out Spencers fitness journey, check out his TikTok!

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