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Chatting Supplements: Creatine

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Welcome back to Chat Sh*t Get Fit - Chatting Supplements. In this episode, we explore the popular world of creatine supplementation. Creatine is naturally created in the body you can get it from food such as red meat and some fish. So do you need to supplement it? Well, the fact there's a massive £££ industry would indicate that you need to supplement it to make a difference. Is that really the case?

In this episode, we answer 

  • What is creatine?

  • Do you really need to supplement it?

  • How much do you actually need to make a difference?

  • Do you need to load creatine?

  • Can too much at once be harmful (especially long term!)

  • Is there a difference between all the different types with their varying buzz words and ranging price tags?

We also discuss what Bill takes and what his Instagram followers have as well as seeing Bill live on-air consume some creatine in the "dry scooping" fashion.


We discuss numerous products in this one but to keep it simple we'd recommend heading over to somewhere like MyProtein and buying the basic Creatine Monohydrate. As of writing this, you can get a 500g bag (100 servings) for £9.59. Not too shabby aye! Any more questions about this supplement get in touch.


NOTE: Before taking any supplements it's important you consult your doctor/GP first to ensure there are no health issues/ medication conflicts. 


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New to the show? Head back to episode 1 "Let's Chat, Covid & Fitness" where we give an introduction into who we are and talk about the current state of ourselves and the fitness industry during this covid pandemic


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