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Meet the Hosts



Bill takes on the role of the "podcast host" 

Bill is a fitness enthusiast and sports lover. His current go to is CrossFit.

He is trained as a physical training instructor in the British Army. He is also head coach and content creator at

Keep up to date with what Bills up to down below!

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podcast host Tom chat sh_t get fit.jpg

Tom,  also known as the "podcast geek" is a seasoned PT based in the Ruislip, London area who deals with clients on a 1-1 basis. 

Not only is Tom the man when it comes to solid studies and research but he also brings us the occasional conspiracy theory. Our favourite, "Birds Arent Real"


Tom works with the general population in regards to fitness with a speciality in strength training. Due to him also being an Army Reservist he adds tactical specifics such as tabbing (Walking fast with weight) into his training.

Tom is always dropping knowledge bombs on his Instagram so check out the link below!


podcast host, Andy Headshot.jpg

Andy is no longer a host on the podcast due to having to commit time elsewhere. We've loved having him on the podcast and wish him the best of luck in the future!


In the episodes he was on he brought a wealth of experience and knowledge and normally took the approach of "saying it how it is"


Andy is currently employed as a physical training instructor in the British Army.

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