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Welcome to a brand new series. The Diets. We start with a bang and in this weeks episode, we go into everything Vegan. Controversial with lots of information out there so we are not alone this week as we are joined by Mark from @strongtobeuseful who is a vegan himself and is quite vocal on the topic on social media. Most importantly is the way in which he is vocal and that is approachable. Because of this, we think it was perfect to get him involved.


It's a complicated topic and it takes us over 2 hours to finish up (we could have gone longer!). We cover everything from the ethical side to the common misconceptions associated with going vegan, the socioeconomic argument and our own thoughts and opinions. Some of it isn't opinion though as we do bring in some really good studies to solidify certain points. Important to note that it's a 50/50 split on this episode in terms of vegan and not. No echo chambers here!


If you are vegan, thinking of going vegan or even maybe despise veganism then this episode has it all. It will offer food for thought whatever your stance is on this diet/lifestyle. Go into this episode with an open mind. Get rid of the tunnel vision, get rid of what society has told you is the right way of doing things, pop your social bubble and basically open yourself up to change. It's our longest episode to date but every minute is worth listening to. 


If you want to check Mark out and see not only his stuff on veganism but some of his brilliant training as well then head over to his Instagram. He is more than happy to help if you need guidance on maybe making the change to vegan. Thanks again for joining us.



Ethical Information

Dominion Documentary  

Joey Carbstrong: As mentioned in the episode "Militant"

Earthing Ed: "Non-Militant"

Studies Mentioned 

 Vegan diets: practical advice for athletes and exercisers

All about Soy

Case of "bitch tits"

Education on nutrition is key in regards to "food deserts"

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