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Chatting Supplements: Crocodile Blood, Cherry Juice, HMB & Caffeine Gum/Rinse (Series Finale)

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Welcome back to Chat Sh*t Get Fit - Chatting Supplements. We are at seasons end and it's more chaotic than ever. We start by looking at a "functional creamer" that Tom thinks will be the next big thing in CrossFit...We then get into the bulk of the show where we explore some "odds & sods" of the supplement world. Including 

  • Tart Cherry Juice

  • HMB

  • Caffeine Gum + Caffeine Rinse

  • Crocodile Blood...No seriously... Apparently, it helps with DOMS? We'll decide...

So a mental episode that's for sure but even with its jovial facade, we did go into the papers and all the studies mentioned today or ones we've looked at will be linked down below. "Evidence-based" and all that.


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New to the show? Head back to episode 1 "Let's Chat, Covid & Fitness" where we give an introduction into who we are and talk about the current state of ourselves and the fitness industry during this covid pandemic.


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Studies Mentioned

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