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Chatting Supplements: Protein

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Welcome back to Chat Sh*t Get Fit and our brand new series "Chatting Supplements" In this first episode of the series we are going to cover the most popular supplement out there. Protein. It's a vast market with loads of different types whether that's animal and plant or the variety of blends or even the abundance of flavours now available. 


In this episode we cover

  • What we personally take

  • What actually is protein

  • How much do you need and do you need to bother supplementing?

  • Best time to eat protein (Can your body absorb large amounts?!)

  • Exploration of the options out there

  • Is protein supplementation dangerous?!

So it's a jam-packed episode for sure but we've left no stone unturned and come at you with our own thoughts and of course the latest scientific literature as well.


Here are some of the products we mentioned in the episode and where you can grab them! (FYI we are not sponsored by any of these guys! Much to Toms dismay) Please before you take any protein supplement make sure you see a medical professional first especially if you have a family history of kidney/liver problems.

Protein Works Vegan Protein

SunPower Vegan Protein

MyProtein Impact Whey

MyProtein Clear Whey Isolate

MyProtein The Whey

Ghost Whey Protein


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New to the show? Head back to episode 1 "Let's Chat, Covid & Fitness" where we give an introduction into who we are and talk about the current state of ourselves and the fitness industry during this covid pandemic


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